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outdoor camping new choose-resort tent


In recent years,travel becomes the one of the best way for entertainment.Normally, two to three days should be takedn for a travel which means we will need to stay in a hotel. However, the difficulty and price for booking a  resort hotel make travel not-easy.So camping becomes one of the new way for people to stay in during travel.But as we knows, Simple tructure, poor facility and bad accomodation experience are the shortcoming of camping tent.However, The arrival of resort tent can meet all requirements of travel. Compared with the resort hotel, resort tent not only are economical but get more close to nature.

White resort tent has a unique appearance and good safety performances. Its frame are made of high-quality aluminum alloy with oxdation treatment which can withstand strong gale of 80km/hour. Cover are made of 850g polyester with double sides-coated PVC and such a cover is water-proof, flame-retardant and uvio-resistant which means you can have a comfortable rest here.Besides, You can enjoy the beautiful scenery through the transparent glass wall and sunlight can Shine in tent through it too.

Resort tent can be fitted with a lot of facility including washstand,lining,curtains,wifi for meet accomodation requirement.

No matter for camping or wedding party, resort tent from SongPin tent is best choice.
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