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Choose Your Own Tent from Songpin


Choose your own tent from Songpin

When you choose a tent, in addition to the function, we can also choose the style you like. Which kind of tent is suitable for outdoor camping enthusiasts?
Do you like to read in nature? Do you like a family like a group of friends? You like to have it outdoors.
Do you like to drive? Do you like to make friends while camping?
Do you like transparent tents that are almost integrated into nature? We can provide you such a transparent tent, just like your home.

Star Tent
Do you like a tent that it looks like a beetle? It gives us comfort like our home and a variety of amenities. Are you excited about this luxury camping tent?

Resort Tent
Our hotel tent can bring you a new rural life experience. Staying in these hotel tent, everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sphere Tent
This kind of tent has a very stable high-strength steel frame, so don't worry about safety when you are resting. When you look up, you can see the stars in the sky. It must be very beautiful.

Pagoda Tent
The European-style pagoda tent has a unique appearance which looks like a small pagoda. Easy to install and plenty of space, it is ideal for wedding receptions and for home garden gatherings.

Clear Spn Tent
This kind of tent has a large span, no pillars in the middle, 100% space utilization, modular structure, and the length can be freely selected according to demand. If you want to hold an outdoor wedding, you must not miss this tent, hang on the elegant ceiling curtains, put on the floor carpet, under the neon light, then you can have a warm and romantic wedding.

The SongPin tent can provide you all kinds of tents, tell us the style you like, we immediately provide more information and quotations

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