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About Us
Guangzhou Songpin Tent Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and owns over 300 employees and is located in Port Industrial Zone, Xinhua Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province with convenient transportation. We are close to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou North Train Station and Kwong-Ching Highway (Xinhua Exit). It only takes 30 minutes from our firm to Baiyun Airport by car. As a professional and leader Ourdoor Tent manufacturer in China, we have R&D, Design, Production, Marketing and Export Sales departments. Our main products are Party Tent, Wedding Tent, Exhibition Tent, Warehouse Tent, Pagoda Tent, Star Tent, Tension Tent, Gazebo Tent and some other related Tent Accessories. Our products have been exported throughout the world over 80 countries! All of our company operations are in strictly accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control Standards and some related Europen Standards. We have been honored supplied our products and service for the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Exposition. Pursuing the guideline of "Professional Service, Good Quality Products, Reasonable Prices", It is our honor to be your faithful and reliable cooperator, SongPin, welcome your kind contact!
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  • What Do You Think of Holding Your Wedding in Transparent Tent


    What Do You Think of Holding Your Wedding in Transparent Tent
    Nowadays more and more people are interested in aluminum profile PVC fabric tent structure. The aluminum profile tent is to be assembled and disassembled, and also easy to be moved away. So the tent structure is quite suitable for the people who want to hold their wedding party outdoor in the nature. As we all know that the wedding is our most important event in our lives, so we should pay more attention on our wedding event. While when mention to the wedding, we will consider where to hold and what to decorate for our wedding. Most people choose to hold their wedding in the luxury hotel, which is most common in our daily life. While more and more young new couples are fond of the fabric cover tent, especially the transparent fabric cover tent. The reason that people choose the transparent fabric cover tent to hold their wedding party is that the transparent tent is not only beautiful but also it is a unique experience for their important wedding. Everyone hopes their wedding particular and the transparent fabric tent can meet their willing. Because the transparent fabric tent can be decorated as whatever they want. What do you think of the wedding holding in the transparent fabric cover tent? Are you in a crush with the transparent clear top roof tent wedding? Contact us now to know more…
  • A White Pagoda Tent Harmonize with Classical Beauty


    A White Pagoda Tent Harmonize with Classical Beauty
    Imagine you are in the circumstance that surrounding by the green trees, colorful flowers and lovely grass. Then you have a party in this beautiful circumstance. A German style pagoda tent which the color is white was settled on the grassland near the paved road. Brown chairs which are classical beautiful are inside or outside the pagoda tent with the tables. The chairs outside the pagoda tent are sheltered by the green pole tents. Visitors can not only enjoy the happiness of your party, but also can seeing the beautiful natural landscape. To be honest, I was completely attracted by this perfect picture at the first sight. I like the classical chairs, the green pole tents, the little stream and all other scenery. But I especially like the white German style pagoda structure. The appearance of the pagoda tent as well as its white color stands out from this picture. We really can be impressed by the white pagoda structure at first. A German style pagoda tent features compact dimension and ample space, great extension and an appealing look. A pagoda tent can also be combined with one another to create extensive tent complexes. Need German style pagoda tents for your next party? By the way, the color of the fabric can be customized. Contact us now.
  • 2018 China Trade Week in Morocco is Coming


    2018 China Trade Week in Morocco is Coming
    2018 China Trade Week in Morocco is coming soon. On preparation for this exhibition, all departments of our company are actively involved in it. In order to provide customers with better tents and services, we have made a number of product brochures,and video clips of our company profiles. We strive to provide our customers with a more comprehensive understanding of our company's strong production strength and experienced engineering and technical team. Meanwhile, we also prepared a variety of exquisite small gifts for our customers. As leading tent mamufacturer in Asia,Songpin Tent with more than 10 years experience, offering different style party tents, wedding tents, event tents and warehosue tents for you. From December 6th to December 8th, We wil be waiting for you at the E11 booth in the Casablanca exhibition hall. Welcome to consult.
  • Choose Your Own Tent from Songpin


    Choose Your Own Tent from Songpin
    Choose your own tent from Songpin When you choose a tent, in addition to the function, we can also choose the style you like. Which kind of tent is suitable for outdoor camping enthusiasts? Do you like to read in nature? Do you like a family like a group of friends? You like to have it outdoors. Do you like to drive? Do you like to make friends while camping? Do you like transparent tents that are almost integrated into nature? We can provide you such a transparent tent, just like your home. Star Tent Do you like a tent that it looks like a beetle? It gives us comfort like our home and a variety of amenities. Are you excited about this luxury camping tent? Resort Tent Our hotel tent can bring you a new rural life experience. Staying in these hotel tent, everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature. Sphere Tent This kind of tent has a very stable high-strength steel frame, so don't worry about safety when you are resting. When you look up, you can see the stars in the sky. It must be very beautiful. Pagoda Tent The European-style pagoda tent has a unique appearance which looks like a small pagoda. Easy to install and plenty of space, it is ideal for wedding receptions and for home garden gatherings. Clear Spn Tent This kind of tent has a large span, no pillars in the middle, 100% space utilization, modular structure, and the length can be freely selected according to demand. If you want to hold an outdoor wedding, you must not miss this tent, hang on the elegant ceiling curtains, put on the floor carpet, under the neon light, then you can have a warm and romantic wedding. The SongPin tent can provide you all kinds of tents, tell us the style you like, we immediately provide more information and quotations
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