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  • Some tips for Choosing a Tent
    Some tips for Choosing a Tent


    1. Which type of tentss do you like? Tents with round poles are popular in foreign countries.They normally have simple frame structure, easy to install, with relatively low cost. However, the inside of the round account requires a lot of pillar support. This narrows the space of the activity and requires the rope to hold the side column outside the tent, taking up more space. The bracket of the round tube tent is a steel type material, and the weather resistance is not strong. Aluminum party tents are very popular in China.It is a clear span structure with no pillar support in the middle. The bracket is a high-strength aluminum alloy. The tent interior is 100% utilized,easy to install,with complete supporting facilities and effective weather response, which is the first choice for outdoor tents. 2. How to choose the size? According to the experience of the tent rental company,the meeting is 0.5 square meters per person;the tea party 0.75 square meters per person; and the banquet wedding 1 square meter per person; the width of the sidewalk is about 2m. If you don't know how to calculate the capacity of tents you need, you can consult our sales. They will give you a perfect solution based on your application, combined with some specifications and rich experience. 3. How to choose a tent construction site? Although tents can be built in many places, there are some factors that we still need to consider. Obstacles at the installation site: such as trees, low-altitude electricity lines, underground pipes, cables, etc. Tent construction site: The ground in the construction area should be level, no roots and pointed gravel, and no bumps or slopes. If you are setting up a tent on soil or sand, you need to install the floor system to ensure that the tent area is flat. 4. Some local regulations: Before setting up a tent, you should know the rules for tent management. Some need to be equipped with a fire protection system. In some places, you cannot make a building. These should be clearly understood,even though it is not a big problem. 5. Tent Accessories: You can decorate the tent according to your needs. You can choose to install the floor system, air conditioning, ceiling & curtains to enhance the environment inside the tent. For the side panels of the tent, you can choose transparent PVC with church windows. Logo printing on the roof or gable cover is also favorable. 6. Tent rental arrangement: In order for your party or event to go smoothly, you should consider your favorite tents, the number of people and the changes in the future weather a few weeks in advance. You can also consult the tent company and ask them to do an on-site assessment to give a reasonable solution. On the day of the event, you should set up the tent a few hours in advance. Then you have enough time to make sure everything goes well and organize your activities better. If you have any questions, please contact us through

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  • Grasping The develop new opportunities, creating a wonderful new future
    Grasping The develop new opportunities, creating a wonderful new future


    This year is the 5th anniversary of the promotion of the “The Belt and Road” construction, the “The Belt and Road” has complied with the inherent requirements of the reform of the global governance system, demonstrating the community of shared future in the same boat and power and responsibility shared, providing new ideas for improving the reform of the global governance system and strengthened economic and trade cooperation between countries along the route. Building the "The Belt and Road" is not only economic cooperation, but also an important way to improve the global development model and global governance and promote the healthy development of economic globalization. From July 19 to 29, the President of China visited the Middle East and Africa and signed a "The Belt and Road" cooperation document with some countries in 11 days, which has made a new milestone in promoting the construction of the "The Belt and Road" work. The Arab countries are at the crossroads of "The Belt and Road", the African continent is a natural extension of "The Belt and Road", There is very promising to jointly build "The Belt and Road" between China and Arab and China and Africa. Africa is also one of the main target markets for Songpin Tent, In response to the call for construction of "The Belt and Road", Songpin Tent Technology held a “the visit of the Ministry of Commerce (The Belt and Road) industry officials and industrialists delegation”. There were many merchants coming to the exhibition, including stage lighting, electronic LED screens, luggage industry, textile fabrics and fashion accessories, etc. More than 20 exhibitors from more than 10 industries. However, the most outstanding booth is our Songpin Tent. For the customer's arrival, we have arranged the exhibition in all directions. 8 large X-display racks allow customers to see us easily among many exhibitors, and find the required products at the first time, which greatly save the procurement cost and give them more time to fully understand the products they need. Considering the long time of negotiation, we provide customers with tables and chairs, drinking water, fruits and snacks in the exhibition, so that the negotiation can be conducted in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The arrival of the purchasing group made the exhibition area alive and bustling. The booths were filled with buyers, salesmen and buyers were talking pleasantly. Some were busy in making product advantages and features for customers, some were exchanging business cards, telephone mailboxes, and some were even making preliminary quotation for products intended by customers. Our booth also attracted interested customers to come for consultation. The salesman were very busy, and patiently answered the customers' doubts. After some conversation, the customers got satisfied results, and left contact information with each other for further understanding after the meeting. During the conversation, our product quality has been highly ...

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  • Aluminum Frame General care & maintenance
    Aluminum Frame General care & maintenance


    As the most important part of the marquee tent,the aluminum frame structure makes a big difference on the safety of a tent.Maintenance the frame can not only ensure the safety of the tent, but also make the tent use life longer, now let me briefly introduce the daily maintenance of the tent. Oxidation With aluminum alloy tent usage, these coatings will need to be maintained in order to limit oxidation and for the product reach its full intended life span. With plated or powder coated steel components, any rust should be removed immediately with a stiff wire brush and sprayed with either a galvanizing spray or durable paint to seal the steel from the elements.  Your best preventative measure will be to avoid scratching of the coating by avoiding any sharp edges that might be come in contact with the aluminum member. Hardware Cleaning It is very important to keep your hardware components clean and free of dirt, oxidation, and other chemicals especially if those hardware components come into contact with any fabric  components during installation, use, or take-down of your product. Any dirt, oxidation, or chemical on the surface of the hardware member can transfer the contaminant to the marquee tent fabric causing permanent staining, or permanent damage to the fabric membrane. If hardware components are found to be soiled, wipe down immediately to remove the foreign matter. Inspection Prior to and after each use, each component of the marquee tent needs to be thoroughly inspected to assure its structural stability has not been compromised. Hardware components that are bent, cracked, frayed, or damaged shall be immediately replaced and not used. Specific attention should be paid toward any devices used for anchoring including ratchets, ropes, cables, and web straps. Storage Recommendations The hardware for the aluminum structure tent shall be stored dry in a cool, dry place. The aluminum frame component can be stored outside, but should be covered to prevent foreign matter from collecting on the components that might stain or damage the fabric membrane during installation or use. Any/all steel components shall be stored indoors in a dry/low humidity environment. If you want to knew more about the tent , pleas contact us as son as. Songpin Tent Technology is the professional tent manufacture in chia,which has different type tents for your to choose!

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  • Tent General care & maintenance
    Tent General care & maintenance


    Today, party tents have been widely used in various activities, and people pay more and more attention to the safety and life cycle of tents. Therefore, daily maintenance of the tent and maintenance after use are very necessary and correct. Maintenance can not only ensure the safety of the tent, but also make the tent use life longer, now let me briefly introduce the daily maintenance of the tent. Ground Sheets: The usage of ground covering material under the tent during installation and dismantle will protect the tent fabric from soiling and from minor surface abrasions. A ground sheet can also help keep the tent top dry if the ground surface( i.e. dirt, grass, etc.) is wet during the installation or dismantle. Tensioning: Do not over tension your tent fabric during installation, use, or removal. Over tensioning can cause permanent damage to the tent membrane. The most obvious sign of over tensioning would be stress wrinkles at the tension points. Be sure to confirm that your frame/pole components match the tent design. In cases where the ground is not level, over tensioning is possible by trying to force the tent to dimension. Cleaning: Use mild detergent industrial cleaner with no chlorox. To clean,spread canopy on clean surface.An astro turf surface is recommended for washing. Dirt and tiny sharp particles tend to fall into the carpet pile,away from the fabric.Some tenters set up tents to wash and dry. Spray detergent solution onto fabric.Use more concentrated solution on soiled areas. Rub,scrub or brush;elbow grease is an essentianl ingredient. Presure washing may harm your tent fabric and is not recommended. If possible hang cover and allow to dry thoroughly. Full immersion of the fabric in water is not recommended. The use of commercial front loading or top loading washing machines is not recommended and will void the warranty of the fabric. These machines cause an excessive amount of stress to the fabric and can force water into the fabric causing increased occurrences of mildew growth and shorten the life of the fabric. As with any cleaning, the fabric should be hung to dry completely before folding and storage. Fabric Drying: The best way to dry the pvc tent fabric is to hang-dry in a low humidity environment. Circulating air around the surface of the hanging fabric with the use of fans will also speed the drying process and improve drying time in more humid environments. Please also assure that subassemblies and other components within the tent system are dry before folding. The use of commercial drying equipment and any drying using heat will void the warranty of the fabric. DO NOT STORE YOUR FABRIC WET. Fabric folded and stored wet will mildew. Storage Recommendations: The fabric for the tent system shall be stored dry in a cool, dry place in the protective storage bags included with your purchase. Other types of bags are acceptable as long as they can protect the fabric from the environmental elements of the storage area.  If y...

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  • A Day Trip In Vanilla World
    A Day Trip In Vanilla World


    Spring is the season for all things to rejuvenate, and it is also a good time for travel. As they say, Spring is the best time of the year! So the Songpin Tent Marketing Department organized a team building event in Huadu Vanilla World in this beautiful time. Huadu Vanilla World is China's first ecological agricultural base with the theme of planting herbs. It combines vanilla breeding, planting, food, tourism, and popular science education. You can not only see dozens of romantic and lovely herbs, but also taste the food made with herbs in here. In Vanilla World, we are very joyful for the sea of colorful flowers. Everyone has also picked up mobile phones to record beautiful scenery and unforgettable moments. This trip reflects the team spirit of the Songpin Tent and enhances the cohesion among the colleagues. We are passionate about it and are brave enough to advance together with the Songpin Tent.

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  • Luxury peg and pole tent from Guangzhou Songpin Tent
    Luxury peg and pole tent from Guangzhou Songpin Tent


    12x24m luxury peg and pole tent being exported to Europe, which is one of the orders for this month shipment. This peg and pole tent is made of high quality steel with galvanized and polyester with double side PVC coated, cover material is 850g/sqm blackout PVC and sidewalls is 550g/sqm half blackout PVC or 0.55mm thickness clear PVC. And it also has white fireproof linings and curtains. Peg and pole tents are suited for the wedding, exhibition, circus, family gathering, party and other outdoor events. Songpin Tent is an outdoor tent manufacturer in China with more than 10 years, which have been devoted to creating a comfortable, safe, perfect mobile space for you! The 123rd Canton Fair will open on April 15th and you are expected to visit our factory if you intend to participate in the Canton fair and interested in outdoor tents. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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