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  • Thanks to fire drill, zero accident in 2017
    Thanks to fire drill, zero accident in 2017


    In order to improve the awareness of fire prevention, testing the company's fire facilities, enhance the ability for fire fighting and self-rescue, Songpin Tent held a fire drill on December 30, 2017. The commander of this activity gave a speech about safety accident and fire knowledge. The staff enthusiastically learned about the fire-fighting knowledge and the use of fire-fighting equipment, as well as fire-fighting escape skills and precautions. Thanks to the annual fire knowledge learning and the company's fire fighting group, the company's voluntary fire brigade, Songpin Tent had zero accident in 2017.

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  • A vigorous self-drive trip for recreation
    A vigorous self-drive trip for recreation


    Last week, our marketing department of Songpin Tent organized an activity around the city to start a vigorous self-drive trip for recreation, ease of work fatigue and celebration of a big order. We tasted Qingyuan free range chicken, organic vegetables and other healthy and delicious specialty. We did not see the peacock spreads its tail cause the bad weather, but we meet the energetic ostrich. They're so adorable. And last but not least, we went on the ferris wheel, which is the largest rooftop ferris wheel in the nation. It will spend over 20 minutes at a time. It makes a real different feeling with my partners in the 101 meters high. At the end of the year is the busiest time. This activity does not only ease the tense working conditions but also enrich our lives outside of work, more importantly, create a united, active and progressive atmosphere.

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  • Meeting room decoration
    Meeting room decoration


    The meeting room is an important part of business and companies, so the layout of the meeting room is important as well. It can not play its perfect effect without good environment. Meeting room of Songpin Tent are mainly used for department meetings, customer reception, staff training, job interviews and so on. It use of long table layout which conducive to the discussion. Firstly, In order to reflect the Songpin spirit and contrast indoor atmosphere, we put the slogan and introduction into walls to better show the company's history and strength. Secondly, we specially planned a sample area to display the main profile of all kinds of tent, so that customers can timely touch the material object in the negotiations and better understand the products. Thirdly, our engineer personally draws a plan of the tents on the wall. Finally, the meeting room is equipped with computers, projectors and other necessary equipment for give full play to the role of meeting room. Songpin always struggles upwards to provide best service and perfect mobile space for you!

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  • Customer visiting
    Customer visiting


    Under a wonderful day, a regular customer who come from South Africa came to our company. The customer exchanged views on market situation, product improvement, cooperation achievements and 2018 cooperation plan with the sales general manager and engineers. When visit the workshop and sample room, she highly appreciated our ever-improving technical strength and quality assurance capability. We will work harder to repay customers' trust and support with better products and services. Songpin tent welcome friends all over the world to come to visit and our professional sales will follow and assist the whole journey of your investigation and visit to factory.

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  • Customized Service | Specially Shaped Tent
    Customized Service | Specially Shaped Tent


    The common tent like pagoda tent, conventional party tent, dome tent, is favored by customers and is used in various fields usually. But the custom specially shaped tent is your best choice, if you are interested in a specially shaped tent and has high expectations for your events. Combination tents Profiled tents are rare in the outdoors, so many people do not quite understand. In fact, profiled tents tent is a combination tent. It combines different types tents to create a new tent. Due to the large demand for large-scale activities, conventional tents often cannot fully meet the actual needs of the activities while the combination tent is a good solution. Specifications of combination tents Span 10-30m Length Unlimited extension by 5m Height 3-8.8m Frame material High quality aluminum alloy, oxidation treatment Cover material Polyester with double side PVC coated Waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, anti-aging Available tent Party tent, pagoda tent, tension tent, polygon tent Pagoda tent, party tent and polygon tent are combined together to create a unique combination tent based on ideas and needs. Different types of tents through the mix and match combinations, the collision of strange sparks, to bring new life to the tent! For example, a classic case of banquet event combination tent. The pagoda tent can be chosen as the reception area, the spacious space of the party tent can be chosen as banquet dining area and the polygon tent can be chosen as a lounge area. Songpin Tent provides custom combination tent. Our professional team will create the perfect customized combination tent for you. Welcome your kind contact!

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  • Hey, you have a birthday gift!
    Hey, you have a birthday gift!


    Birthdays are very special days for everyone, so people will be very much looking forward to their birthday. The birthday of the day there will be a gift to the birthday of the people, in general, will be a big Stack of friends and family gifts. The best birthday gift is not the most expensive, but it is important to let the people matching your blessings. Birthday gift is conveyed the most sincere hope and wishes of people who gave. In order to let each employee feel the warmth of home and family care, reflect the company's people-oriented corporate culture, Songpin Tent carefully prepared birthday gifts. Each employee can receive the heartwarming gift in the birthday month. Have you got your birthday present yet?

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