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  • Happy Women’s Day
    Happy Women’s Day


    The International Working Women's Day (IWD) stands for "United Nations women's rights and international peace day" and is a festival that women of the world for peace, equality and development. In some places (such as Russia and China), this festival has lost its political meaning and has become a simple moment for men to express their love for women, similar to a mixture of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. And yes, all of the women in Songpin Tent has a half-day holiday and man need to stick to their posts. With the festive season approaching, Songpin Tent wishes all of the girls, goddesses, queens, happy holidays and beauty forever!

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  • Opening ceremony of the dog year
    Opening ceremony of the dog year


    At the end of the spring festival holiday, in addition to joy, there are tired. At the beginning of work, besides busy, there is harvest. Hard work pays off. We are back to work today and everything is back to normal. In the Songpin opening ceremony, the boss gave out red envelopes, Chinese lion dance brought lucky good omen, and the fun small games symbolized profits pouring in from all sides. In this happy day, Songpin wishes the New Year is booming and extends best greetings to all the new and old customers, best wishes, good luck and good health. The end of the Spring Festival represents the beginning of a beautiful life! Let us work hand in hand for the further!

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  • Spring Festival Holiday in 2018
    Spring Festival Holiday in 2018


    With the annual Lunar New Year approaching, Songpin Tent wish all the best wishes for you. Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in the Lunar New Year, is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the start of the first calendar month. Good luck, good health, hood cheer and thanks for supporting our work in the past year. Due to the spring Festival holiday, our office will be temporarily out of duty from Feb 5th to Feb 24th, 2018. Any orders will be accepted but will not be processed until Feb 24th, 2018. We are return on Feb 25th, 2018, so you will be able to communicate with us by then or any urgent things you may contact us directly. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Our cooperation should be our best. Good luck and great success in the coming days.

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  • 2017 Summarizes Annual Meeting
    2017 Summarizes Annual Meeting


    Bid farewell to the old year and entered the new year, we ushered in the Songpin 2017 annual meeting. Let us gather together to celebrate the achievement of yesterday and look forward to a bright future. Giving highest respect to the staff of Songpin! You are the most lovely people! Gave awards to outstanding teams and individuals. This is a promising team, a brave group and many enterprising hearts. Every move forward shows infinite power. The simple style and perseverance of them compose the glory of Songpin. Enjoy wonderful performances from colleagues. And the most exciting part —— luck draw. The New Year has begun. We have stared a new journey. We must accomplish our dream with firm confidence, strong perseverance and indomitable spirit.

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  • Thanks to fire drill, zero accident in 2017
    Thanks to fire drill, zero accident in 2017


    In order to improve the awareness of fire prevention, testing the company's fire facilities, enhance the ability for fire fighting and self-rescue, Songpin Tent held a fire drill on December 30, 2017. The commander of this activity gave a speech about safety accident and fire knowledge. The staff enthusiastically learned about the fire-fighting knowledge and the use of fire-fighting equipment, as well as fire-fighting escape skills and precautions. Thanks to the annual fire knowledge learning and the company's fire fighting group, the company's voluntary fire brigade, Songpin Tent had zero accident in 2017.

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  • A vigorous self-drive trip for recreation
    A vigorous self-drive trip for recreation


    Last week, our marketing department of Songpin Tent organized an activity around the city to start a vigorous self-drive trip for recreation, ease of work fatigue and celebration of a big order. We tasted Qingyuan free range chicken, organic vegetables and other healthy and delicious specialty. We did not see the peacock spreads its tail cause the bad weather, but we meet the energetic ostrich. They're so adorable. And last but not least, we went on the ferris wheel, which is the largest rooftop ferris wheel in the nation. It will spend over 20 minutes at a time. It makes a real different feeling with my partners in the 101 meters high. At the end of the year is the busiest time. This activity does not only ease the tense working conditions but also enrich our lives outside of work, more importantly, create a united, active and progressive atmosphere.

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