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Meeting room decoration


The meeting room is an important part of business and companies, so the layout of the meeting room is important as well. It can not play its perfect effect without good environment.

Meeting room of Songpin Tent are mainly used for department meetings, customer reception, staff training, job interviews and so on. It use of long table layout which conducive to the discussion.

Firstly, In order to reflect the Songpin spirit and contrast indoor atmosphere, we put the slogan and introduction into walls to better show the company's history and strength.

Secondly, we specially planned a sample area to display the main profile of all kinds of tent, so that customers can timely touch the material object in the negotiations and better understand the products.

Thirdly, our engineer personally draws a plan of the tents on the wall.

Finally, the meeting room is equipped with computers, projectors and other necessary equipment for give full play to the role of meeting room.

Songpin always struggles upwards to provide best service and perfect mobile space for you!

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