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Customized Service | Specially Shaped Tent


The common tent like pagoda tent, conventional party tent, dome tent, is favored by customers and is used in various fields usually. But the custom specially shaped tent is your best choice, if you are interested in a specially shaped tent and has high expectations for your events.

Combination tents

Profiled tents are rare in the outdoors, so many people do not quite understand. In fact, profiled tents tent is a combination tent. It combines different types tents to create a new tent. Due to the large demand for large-scale activities, conventional tents often cannot fully meet the actual needs of the activities while the combination tent is a good solution.

Specifications of combination tents

Span 10-30m
Length Unlimited extension by 5m
Height 3-8.8m
Frame material High quality aluminum alloy, oxidation treatment
Cover material

Polyester with double side PVC coated

Waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, anti-aging

Available tent Party tent, pagoda tent, tension tent, polygon tent

Pagoda tent, party tent and polygon tent are combined together to create a unique combination tent based on ideas and needs. Different types of tents through the mix and match combinations, the collision of strange sparks, to bring new life to the tent!

For example, a classic case of banquet event combination tent. The pagoda tent can be chosen as the reception area, the spacious space of the party tent can be chosen as banquet dining area and the polygon tent can be chosen as a lounge area.

Songpin Tent provides custom combination tent. Our professional team will create the perfect customized combination tent for you. Welcome your kind contact!

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