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A vigorous self-drive trip for recreation


Last week, our marketing department of Songpin Tent organized an activity around the city to start a vigorous self-drive trip for recreation, ease of work fatigue and celebration of a big order.

We tasted Qingyuan free range chicken, organic vegetables and other healthy and delicious specialty.

We did not see the peacock spreads its tail cause the bad weather, but we meet the energetic ostrich. They're so adorable.

And last but not least, we went on the ferris wheel, which is the largest rooftop ferris wheel in the nation. It will spend over 20 minutes at a time. It makes a real different feeling with my partners in the 101 meters high.

At the end of the year is the busiest time. This activity does not only ease the tense working conditions but also enrich our lives outside of work, more importantly, create a united, active and progressive atmosphere.

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