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About Us
Guangzhou Songpin Tent Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and owns over 300 employees and is located in Port Industrial Zone, Xinhua Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province with convenient transportation. We are close to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou North Train Station and Kwong-Ching Highway (Xinhua Exit). It only takes 30 minutes from our firm to Baiyun Airport by car. As a professional and leader Ourdoor Tent manufacturer in China, we have R&D, Design, Production, Marketing and Export Sales departments. Our main products are Party Tent, Wedding Tent, Exhibition Tent, Warehouse Tent, Pagoda Tent, Star Tent, Tension Tent, Gazebo Tent and some other related Tent Accessories. Our products have been exported throughout the world over 80 countries! All of our company operations are in strictly accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control Standards and some related Europen Standards. We have been honored supplied our products and service for the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Exposition. Pursuing the guideline of "Professional Service, Good Quality Products, Reasonable Prices", It is our honor to be your faithful and reliable cooperator, SongPin, welcome your kind contact!
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  • flameretardant white cover tent diameter 10m galvanized frame dome sphere tent with white cover for camping event

    The sphere tent series is available in φ 6m, φ 10m, φ 15m, φ 20m,  φ 25m, and φ 30m.

  • luxury outdoor wedding tent large wedding tents for sale 20x30m with High Peak and Polygon Ends

        Large Combination Wedding Tent is consist of polygon tent and standard party tent, the pagoda tent or tension tent also can be added.

  • high top marquee tent Galvanized Steel frame and Vinyl top tent 12x24m with water proof cover for party event

        Galvanized top tent series is got 3 types of clear span ( width )——12m,18m and 24m span, and the length can be extended unlimited by 6m unit.

  • high quality aluminum tent Aluminum frame Clear Span Curved Sport Event tent 15x20m

    Aluminum frame Clear Span Curved Sport Event tent 15x20m   Brand name   Songpin   Place of origin   Guangzhou, China   Width   15m   Length   20m   Side height   3m   Ridge height   6.98m   Working temp   -35℃ to 65℃                      Logo printing   silk printing or digital printing     Curved Tent series has different width of 10m,12m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 25m and 30m, and the length can be extended unlimited by 3m and 5m unit. Mainly frame material——4 channel 121x68x3mm, 166x87x3mm, 203x110x4mm, 250x110x4mm aluminum alloy frame with oxidation treatment Cover material——850g/sqm polyester with double side PVC coated, which is lightproof and make you feel cool when you stand below it in a hot day Sidewall material——Semi-shading 550g/sqm polyester with double side PVC coated     Clear span curved sport event tent has a unique and fashionable appearance with a arc roof. It has good performance on the wind load which can reach 100km/h and flame retardant in accordance to European standard DIN 4102 B1.     Full line accessories include: carpet, wedding table & chair, Transparent walls, ABS hard walls, sandwich walls clear windows, lining decoration, glass door, sliding door, flooring system, weight plates, ground anchors and so on.

  • Steady Hexagonal Shape Tension Tent galvanized structural hexagon tension tent for wedding party and Beer Festival

         The  Hexagon Tension Tent series is a unique regular polygon shape.

  • easy up hexagon pagoda ten easy up pagoda garden tent with aluminum pole for wedding party diameter 6m

         Pagoda gaeden tent series in different diagonal length of 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m.

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  • Customized Service | Specially Shaped Tent


    Customized Service | Specially Shaped Tent
    The common tent like pagoda tent, conventional party tent, dome tent, is favored by customers and is used in various fields usually. But the custom specially shaped tent is your best choice, if you are interested in a specially shaped tent and has high expectations for your events. Combination tents Profiled tents are rare in the outdoors, so many people do not quite understand. In fact, profiled tents tent is a combination tent. It combines different types tents to create a new tent. Due to the large demand for large-scale activities, conventional tents often cannot fully meet the actual needs of the activities while the combination tent is a good solution. Specifications of combination tents Span 10-30m Length Unlimited extension by 5m Height 3-8.8m Frame material High quality aluminum alloy, oxidation treatment Cover material Polyester with double side PVC coated Waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, anti-aging Available tent Party tent, pagoda tent, tension tent, polygon tent Pagoda tent, party tent and polygon tent are combined together to create a unique combination tent based on ideas and needs. Different types of tents through the mix and match combinations, the collision of strange sparks, to bring new life to the tent! For example, a classic case of banquet event combination tent. The pagoda tent can be chosen as the reception area, the spacious space of the party tent can be chosen as banquet dining area and the polygon tent can be chosen as a lounge area. Songpin Tent provides custom combination tent. Our professional team will create the perfect customized combination tent for you. Welcome your kind contact!
  • Hey, you have a birthday gift!


    Hey, you have a birthday gift!
    Birthdays are very special days for everyone, so people will be very much looking forward to their birthday. The birthday of the day there will be a gift to the birthday of the people, in general, will be a big Stack of friends and family gifts. The best birthday gift is not the most expensive, but it is important to let the people matching your blessings. Birthday gift is conveyed the most sincere hope and wishes of people who gave. In order to let each employee feel the warmth of home and family care, reflect the company's people-oriented corporate culture, Songpin Tent carefully prepared birthday gifts. Each employee can receive the heartwarming gift in the birthday month. Have you got your birthday present yet?
  • The sustainable development of Songpin tent


    The sustainable development of Songpin tent
    Sustainable development, which is a long-term economic growth model, is meet the needs of contemporary people and is not harm the future generations to meet their needs. The sustainable development of the Songpin Tent is meets the construction needs of the modern people and the ability to meet their needs in the future. Sustainable development involves nature, environment, society, economy, science and technology, culture and many other aspects, while the movable tents are one of the good examples. On the one hand, tents can meet the needs of temporary warehouses, outdoor exhibitions, large-scale sporting events and other activities without damaging the surrounding environment. Every years, China host many sports events, exhibitions and so on, so the tent is the best choice in these short-term use. Tents are not only economic but also environmentally friendly. Easy install and disassemble assurance of long-term sustainable development of tents. On the other hand, tents are used in high-strength aluminum alloy frame and polyester with double side PVC coated , so that it tents working life greatly extended. PVC cover can use 5-8 years, aluminum alloy framework can be used for up to 10 years under normal circumstances. The sustainable use of tents has greatly increased the utilization of tents and reduced the waste of resources and the harm to the ecological environment. Sustainable development is the inevitable trend of social development, the tent is the inevitable demand for temporary outdoor activities, and Songpin Tent is the most trusted tents manufacturer for you.
  • Sales Office Relocation


    Sales Office Relocation
    Due to the development of business and the expansion of company scale, our sales office was moved to production base, No.5 Lingdong Rd, Port Industrial Zone, Xinhua town, Huadu district, Guangzhou, China, on September 25, 2017. After moving back to the factory, we will continue to follow the concept of "Professional Service, Good Quality Products, Reasonable Prices" to provide the perfect mobile space for you. We are grateful for our long-term cooperation, and we will take this move as a new start. We will always provide you with more professional products and better service. Hope you continue to give us attention and support. SongPin, welcome your kind contact!
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